Sunday, August 1, 2010

My First Blog

I always used to think that blogging is for pseudo intellectuals. People who have lots and lots of point of views / opinions about variety of topics ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood, cricket to soccer (the same game known as football by lesser mortals), Indian politics to American politics, Mumbai marathon to corruptions in Commonwealth, MJ's underwear to dhoni's bikes (I think you must have got the idea by now) and these pseudes are very good at expressing their point of views. Sometimes they may even convince you. If you want a sample then open your TV and try watching any debate shows. You can find Suhail Seth, Mahesh Bhatt or Javed Akhtar (Nothing against these eminent personalities. They are really good at their respective fields) expressing their views about whether India should send a mission to moon to find out the environmental impact of Neil Armstrong pissing on moon’s surface. They might be discussing about the possible impact of Ethiopia developing Nuclear weapons and its deteriorating relationship with US on India. Just look at their faces, so tensed, so involved. Listen to their voices, so agitated, so concerned. You will feel like their whole career or even life depends on your believing in their point of view. Sheer sincereness of their argument may lead you into believing that high tides in Mumbai are somehow related to the historic achievement of Neil.
There are some other types of pseudes exists on this planet. Don’t look too far, just open your twitter, facebook or orkut account. You may also look at the status messages in your messenger. You will find quotes, some will be from rich and famous and most probably dead people and some will be the creation of these pseudes. Then there will be those who will try to interpret these quotes. I always used to wonder the possible reasons for such kind of behavior. Sometimes I used to think that these are mentally disturbed people and this is some ‘train your brain’ kind of exercise. Understand the quotes if you can and if you can’t then confuse others. But slowly I realized that this is a way to increase your visibility (I will talk about the pros and cons and importance of visibility on people’s career separately). There is a saying in hindi and a rough translation in English goes like “so what if for wrong reasons, at least people know me”. Rakhi sawant, Rahul Mahajan, participants in reality shows (especially youth reality shows) are all firm believers in the above mentioned saying. The people with arbit quotes can be put into that category.
Coming back to my first blog, why I thought of writing something when in school my English teacher used to tell me that if I can write (or speak) a complete sentence in English (Other than “My name is Anthony Gonsalves”) without a break then he will stop chewing his nails, a big sacrifice for him.
I used to consider myself as true intellectual. Now true intellectual is one who knows about almost everything but doesn’t let the others know that he knows. (That was Govinda ishtyle). Anyway, the point is no one other than the true intellectual knows that he is a true intellectual. So you may think that what’s the point in being a true intellectual? I also thought the same and here I am.
PS: My plan was to write further but now when you already know all this then why waste time and effort.